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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  March 3, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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of nfl games next season. we are live with the latest on the nfl labor talk. and the story that's been six months in the making. the president of the university of district of columbia under fire for questionable spending on everything from flights to suv's to hotel stays. students fired up about this and speaking out live this hour in our studio. we need to stop this elderly abuse. i mean to stop it. >> film great mickey rooney making an emotional plea to members of congress in his quest to end abuse against the elderly. we'll have more on his message as fox 5 morning news starts right now. take a look from the tower this morning as the sunrises on this thursday morning, march 3rd, 2011. good morning, thanks for being with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. march 3rd, is that what you said?
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it's unbelievable. >> it feels like february. >> it sure is. tony is joining us with why it's so darn cool. >> it felt like april yesterday and feels like february today. we have a cold start to the day and then we get back to normal tomorrow and then above normal for a couple of days after that. you know how it goes, folks. up and down this time of the year. 28 degrees in the nation's capital. 26 in baltimore. dulles airport is at 26. patuxent naval air station is at 30. in winchester, it is 24 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite radar composite for the region. you'll see clouds down to the south. we have a few clouds across our skies. not a lot though. mostly sunny skies again today. cloud cover and precipitation across the great lakes region with snow flying around up there. we will be precipitation-free for today. it will be a cold day though. we had highs in the 60s yesterday. these are your projected highs for today. they range from 38 degrees in
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frederick to 41 degrees in washington and 43 degrees in fredericksberg. so below normal temperatures and a cool one today. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now more on the rush hour traffic and for that we go to julie wright. a lot going on right now. especially in montgomery county. the crew in sky fox still above this crash that's at the decision point for you. if you're traveling off the inner loop of the beltway headed northbound on to the 270 spur or making the decision to continue eastbound to georgetown road, the center of the roadway blocks. traffic to the right of the accident is traffic that will continue northbound on 270, you get by to the left. to continue told other georgetown road you squeeze to the right. two lanes open northbound whether towards 270 or georgetown road and you have the delays stacking up well before river road. continuing with the next camera, this will show you what is happening downtown in alexandria, if you will. 395, a portion of that remains open but very slow at this
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point. we have a lot of traffic bailing out using that as an alternate because here we have edsall shut down due to a water main break. this has been with us overnight and nobody is able to get by. and west of van dorn remains blocked off at this time. no incidents northbound along 95. the pace, heavy, slow and steady from potomac mills trying to get past newington and springfield and head toward glebe road on 395. so a good 10-mile back up on 95 and 395. earlier incident at glebe road now gone. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. remind you to check out for the latest updates and traffic and weather from all over the region. we have interest active maps and our radar and forecast on the weather page. and you can also find out how to down load apps for iphone, droid or blackberry so you are
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always connected to fox 5 news. fox 5 is monitoring metro. problems plaguing the transit agency front and center at a meeting between metro and an activist rider group. members of the metro riders advisory council grilled katherine hudgens for everything from money matters to the ongoing problem of broken escalators and elevators and violent attacks, and that includes the beating of a helpless customer about a group of riders. >> reports like this get out, people are more reluctant to use transit. and that's a shame. because transit is much safer than being in a car. >> we know we have an escalator problem we're addressing and we'll continue to do that. we know we want to keep our customers safe whether they are riding the train or in our stations. >> the activist riders suggest metro add more officers to the
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transit system -- or police the system rather. and they talked about budget issues that have metro officials considering cuts in service and on weekend nights. one of the biggest problems plaguing metro is keeping escalators working. 88 of the 588 are out of service this morning. 6 of metros 237 elevators are out of service for repair. and you can help us monitor metro. if you see something on a train, bus or station that you think need as tension, take a picture or video or e-mail us the details. the address is now to our big story. at this time tomorrow hundreds of nurses will be on strike at the d.c. region's largest hospital. 1600 nurses at washington hospital center plan to walk off the job for 24 hours and in a contract over wages, benefits
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and patient safety. the hospital has been securing replacements and said every unit will be fully staffed and the strike is only called from seven a.m. tomorrow until 7:00 a.m. saturday. the hospital said striking nurses cannot come back to work for five days and will not be paid. as far as the nfl goes, jerry jones and company in downtown d.c. it has come to the 11th hour. the current labor deal ends at midnight tonight. owners and players set to meet for a tenth day with federal mediators. sarah simmons live where the talks continue to be held. >> reporter: good morning. everybody wants to know what is being said in that room as they negotiate but the fact of the matter is we don't know because they have been imposed under a gag order by the federal mediators so they are not able to say exactly where the agreements stand or what they are looking at. so it's really down to the wire right now. midnight is the deadline here. and as you mentioned, jerry jones and company, they were in town yesterday. the dallas cowboys owner and
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all ten members of the owners labor committee and commissioner roger goodell took part in the negotiations. expected to be here again this morning. they left in a caravan of suvs yesterday, headed to the owners meeting which was going on in chantilly, virginia. now of course the dispute is that the nfl's $9 billion in revenue, so they are looking at what cuts the team owners should be getting. they are looking for $2 billion off the top. the previous agreement was $1 billion. also they are looking at moving the regular season games from the number of 16 to 18 and also the rookie wage scale. owners would like to be able to put a rookie salary cap until they are able to prove themselves out there on the field. also better benefits for retired players are also on the table here. but the timeline is getting tight and the nfl spokesperson talked yesterday about the likelihood of a lockout.
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here is what he had to say. >> there was no -- >> has an agreement been made. >> just so you know, the process -- that authority is delegated to the labor committee, the management counsel executive committee and the committee has not made any decision on what will happen upon expiration of the agreement -- of the current agreement if we don't have a new one. >> reporter: now again, steve, they were here yesterday for a four-hour session. it's unclear exactly when they will get underway today. but everybody is certainly going to be watching this one, steve. >> and we've been watching for months now and hearing talk about the lockout. sarah, any other options on the table besides a lockout? >> reporter: well it is possible that they could extend the deadline and continue negotiating. nobody wants to see a lockout here, i'm quite sure. but that is something that is a very good possibility. another strategic move could be that the players could de- certificate the union which
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would allow them to go back and sue the nfl for anti-trust violations. so there are other issues and options on the table that they could do. it's not necessarily a lockout but the time line is tight. >> sarah, thanks so much. 8 minutes past the hour now. german prosecutors say a deadly attack on u.s. airmen appears to be motivated by islamic extremism. police say the gunman opened fire yesterday on a bus carrying service members. two were killed and two others are injured. they were headed to afghanistan. the 21-year-old suspected gunman is due in a german court today. it's 9 minutes past the hour. controversy swirling around the president of the university of district of columbia. the fox 5 investigation that started with a viewer tip uncovered questionable spending that has left students fuming. they are taken their outrage
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online to facebook. coming up after the break we'll hear from a student about how they plan to make this right. econagnosis--
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and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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that's the music you wanted? >> that says cherry blossom time. a sure sign of spring. today the national cherry blossom officials will announce the peak blooming days. >> i hope the festival is on my birthday this year. >> when is your birthday? >> april 16th. is that late or early. >> it's a little late. it might end -- well, we'll see. i don't know. i don't want to speculate. >> it makes us warmer to think about that. typically around the peak time there is always things like
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rain. >> and get out there this weekend because its wind will blow the blossoms away. >> when it starts it is always cold. and who knows what it will be here. we'll find out. we'll look at the long-term trend. it will be cold today. our temperatures dropped off in the last several minutes. let's look at current temperatures around the region. we are currently at 27 degrees here in washington. it's a shock after yesterday's very nice temperatures in the 60s. 27 right now in washington. 28 at quantico. annapolis at 29. dulles airport 25. cambridge, 27. culpeper is at 27 as well. let's pull this out. it's cold here but look to the north. it's colder. new york city, 20 degrees. boston 12 degrees right now in boston. so at least we're not seeing that. or winds are blowing -- our winds are blowing around at 17 miles per hour in washington
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right now. so it makes it feel cold. it feels like the teens pretty much across the entire region. here is your five-day forecast. look for a high today about 41 degrees. 20 degrees colder than yesterday. plenty of sunshine though. tomorrow a few more clouds and 51, where we should be for this time of year. saturday clouds and rain showers, 60 degrees. sunday more rain and 56 for the high. monday back to 52 degrees. and that would be normal for monday. that's the latest. >> sure looks like springtime with that rain in there. >> yes. thanks, tony. let's check in with julie wright and look at traffic. >> we have a busy day today. and we still have a lot to talk about so let's get to it. out there on the road this is morning, traveling the inner loop of the beltway, this is coming northbound from the american legion bridge. that's where you're hitting the backup. the accident right here before you reach the decision point to either continue northbound up to 270 spur out toward democracy boulevard or continue eastbound and continue toward old georgetown road. so this accident activity right
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here in the middle of the roadway. now i definitely have traffic getting by using two lanes in each direction but again you have to pick your lane as cordingly and it's already slow -- your lane as cordingly and it's already slow toward bethesda. so if this is your trip into work off of the toll road or route 7 out of tisons so this is what is there. and if you want to go up 270, two lanes getting by to the right. to continue through bethesda and toward 355. so take myrrh you know which lane you need to be in. southbound on 270, delays before montrose joining the beltway and continuing down into virginia. this is a live shot of 495. this is -- this is tied up to glebe road. earlier this morning the incident at glebe is cleared. delays from potomac mills toward glebe road. and dealing with a water main
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break. that's tieing up the commute along edsall road, shut down between van dorn street and picket. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. it was the investigation that you saw first on fox. six months of digging uncovering questionable spending by the president of the university of the district of columbia. including thousands of dollars spent on trips and transportation. so far allen sessoms has not spoken directly to fox 5 but he did release a letter and said the travel is to help udc maintain accreditation. students at udc upset with the findings of this investigation and are planning a rally tomorrow. they are also taking their complaints to the university facebook page. melody marsh is a senior and she and her friends have started their own facebook page called save udc. and she's joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> talk about the website. >> save udc was a platform for
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stget on facebook and express our feelings about the elimination of the programs and the fiscal responsibility of the president and the feelings from the university. >> and what are you feeling and hearing from the students? >> the feeling around the university is that there is a lack of communication between the board of trustees, the president's office and the students and professors. there is money being spent that aren't being accounted for. there is programs eliminated without discussion. one of his trips could pay for a year of my tuition. >> and you saided major is -- >> arrow bic studies. >> it is on the chopping block. >> one of the studies, there is talk of eliminating the criminal justice program and the teachers program that we put so many teachers into the d.c. public schools system. >> take us back to when word surfaced of this and you first started hearing about this on campus. >> it was shocking. because it was just talk amongst the students. some of us found out about the
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spending and we were shocked. we were like, $7,000 for a plane ticket? that's my tuition. so if we're going to eliminate programs and cut the community college but we have $7,000 for a ticket to egypt, that is disheartening. >> do you think the students can get involved more collectively. and what do you hope to do? >> yes, i do. and tomorrow we hope to bring light and we hope he'll talk with us. it's hard to get the president to sit down and talk about the issue. there has been plenty of planned meetings that he did not attend or planned to attend and didn't show up at the last meeting. so we just want open dialogue with the board of trustees and the president and the university. >> it's tough to be in a situation like this and you're a student and going through school and you don't think of everything going on behind the scenes. was it overly shocking to hear the amount of money being spent? was that the worst part? or was it the number of trips, the number of receipts, the
7:20 am
travel? >> well it wasn't the number of trips. we understand he is our university president and the responsibility is to keep our accreditation. it was the price. there is a lot of mismanagement with the money in the university and we just want some fiscal responsibility and we want someone to be held accountable. >> i was talking to somebody yesterday who said they went to udc 20, 30 years ago and weren't able to finish because of financial reasons and are outraged at this now. the same thing that you just said about one trip could have paid for my entire tuition years ago that i wasn't able to do. so it seems like this particular school, because this serves the district of columbia and is the school that is supposed to be affordable for students, it seems that may be more of where the frustration comes in. >> yes. and the president started the community college which is cheaper than the flagship college. and it was a good program. but we wanted him to have a better budget.
7:21 am
so if you're going to start the community program, then make sure we can sustain the program so the students that are underprivileged can afford that. because since he's gotten there, he's raised the tuition numerous times. so there isn't an issue with the finances, with the raising of tuition. if you're going to raise the tuition, then give us better facilities, give us access to better programs and internships. we don't have that. so where is our money going and our tuition funds going? >> students are getting involved that either want to attend tomorrow. >> we want everyone. >> what is best way to get the information. >> go to facebook and join the group. one of my close friends is one of the administrators on the saveudc or come up to the university and see a student. but we would love the support of any washingtonian or anyone from maryland, virginia that has used the university. >> melanie marsh, thank you so
7:22 am
much. good luck with your efforts. >> thank you for having me. >> and this whole investigation started with a tip from a viewer, so if you have something to check out go to and click on news tips at the top of the home page or call our tip line at 202-895-3140. and also, allison, i had a viewer ask if that only applies to things in d.c.. it does not. any areas, call our tip line. time now is just about 7:22 on a thursday morning. it's 27 degrees out there. coming up, we'll take a closer look at who is if and who is out in the 2012 presidential race so far as potential candidates make a strong push now. plus apple's latest and greatest gadget is finally unveiled. details of the long-rumored, and much-hyped ipad 2. and using technology to save you money. holly is live at the knew see
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um on how power, as we know it, is changing. 7:22. we'll be right back. 
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there is breaking news concerning the turmoil in libya. an international prosecutor at the hague said that gadhafi and his sons will be investigated for crimes against humanity. this comes after reports that he ordered forces to attack prodemocracy demonstrators protesting for two weeks now. we do know that today libian war planes launched an air strike against a rebel held port in the eastern part of the nation. at -- the attack 460 miles from tripoli marked the first counter offensive on the eastern half of the country. now that part had quickly fallen under opposition control after the revolt began two weeks ago. we continue in the middle east. the prime minister appointed by mubarak has resigned.
7:27 am
former air force officer sharif was named prime minister after the protests in january. leaders of those protests were pressing for the military to fire him. egypt's military ruler said sharif will serve as the new prime minister. a soldier accused of passing classified documents to wiki leaks is facing more charges. the army has filed 22 new charges against private bradley manning, including aiding the enemy. under military law the charge is a capital offense and punishable by death but army prosecutors will instead ask for life in prison and a dishonorable discharge. manning is currently being held at a marine base in virginia. film great mickey rooney making an emotional plea to congress. >> i'm asking you to stop this elderly abuse. i mean to stop it! now, not tomorrow or next
7:28 am
month, but now. >> rooney was testifying about ending abuse against the elderly. we'll have more on rooney's message coming up. as we head to break, a live look outside as traffic on 395 crossing the 14th street bridge. we'll get the latest traffic update from julie wright and tony has your forecast coming up. it's now 7:27. 
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techieser hook is your prize of the week. ipad 2 unveiling. steve jobs dishing out the details on the second generation apple. he said the ipad 2 runs faster and much thinner. and it also has two cameras for taking video and photos. much more on the ipad 2 when we are joined by washington post personal technology expert rob guerrero. he's out in california and was there for the announcement yesterday. >> with that music and everything, that looks like silicon valley. >> with an air force memorial in the background. >> so sorry to everybody that got ipads for christmas.
7:32 am
but be happy with it. you're not getting another one. >> it's still fabulous. >> and if you're looking for one, people are putting old ones on craig's list at good prices. >> i'll be on the lookout for that. >> it makes sense. >> no, i'll be on the lookout for one coming from my house for an upgrade because it was a gift. >> oh, i see. i got you. >> he's going to try to sneak it off. >> that looks like a different one. no, it's not. anyway, cool stuff. >> cool stuff. speaking of cool. it's cold outside. i'm go not going to lie. 27 degrees. and i'll show you. studio in d.c., 27 degrees. my-my, in hagerstown it's 19 degrees. quantico 28. baltimore 25. let's go to virginia, 27 in manassas. 27 in culpeper. winchester at 24 degrees. these are the air temperatures.
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factor in the winds which are coming in out of the north, northwest at 14 miles per hour, your windchill feels like it's 14 degrees in washington. feels like 17 in baltimore. 11 in hagerstown. 18 at quantico. so a very cold start to the day. as far as spring goes, we're not quite there yet. i know we keep getting these little flirtations but not quite there. satellite radar for the eastern u.s., pretty quiet really. you have some snow across portions of the upper midwest and into the great lakes region. snowfall there. and we are snow and precipitation free. our next precipitation will be in the form of rain maybe as early as friday but certainly on saturday and sunday. and for us, a couple of clouds out there. you see them popping up here and there but for the most part skies are clear as you've seen from our live shots and it will be a mostly sunny day today. cold afternoon though. high temperature only about 41 degrees. some of you, i think, will top out in the upper 30s. big difference from the 60s
7:34 am
yesterday, i know. for tonight, partly cloudy. 30 for the overnight low in town. so many of you in the 20s again overnight tonight. five-day forecast, check it out, tomorrow our average high for this time of year so that's where we'll be tomorrow, partly sunny skies. warmer and more mild on saturday and sunday with showers on saturday, rain on sunday. on monday we get partly cloudy -- i'm sorry partly sunny skies and 52 degrees. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now an update on traffic from julie wright. a busy ride this morning, tony. not sure what is going on out there. we have more problems to report and this time around it will effect your commute as you travel inbound from the east, coming inbound route 50 at i 97. callers report the accident involving an overturned vehicle, only one lane to the left is able to get through. so coming inbound through annapolis, to bowie, line up early to left.
7:35 am
and unfortunately you are denied access to go northbound on 97 because of the activity. and the crash at university boulevard has cleared. delays for that leaving the mormon temple east of georgia avenue. this is a live shot of northbound 95 coming northbound from potomac mills toward glebe road. it is heavy, slow and steady the entire trip. earlier incident at glebe has cleared. that's almost a 17-mile backup out of dale city toward king street. traveling the inner loop out of virginia, typical slowdowns, braddock road to 66. what is not typical is the delay north of the georgetown pike headed up toward the american legion bridge. this delay continues all the way up toward 270, earlier accident we discussed there finally cleaned up and out of the way. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. making headlines this morning, actor mickey rooney on the hill giving emotional testimony on elder abuse. the 90-year-old star accused
7:36 am
his wife and her son of financially, physically and emotionally abusing him. rooney also said they withheld food from him and medicine from him. at ward-winning actor told lawmakers even a hollywood star is not to being taken advantage of. >> to those seniors and especially elderly veterans, army, navy, marines, you veterans like myself, i want to tell you this: you're not alone. >> the message to senators was simple, pass legislation to put stronger safeguards in place to keep would-be predators from preying on the elderly. the 2012 presidential race is unofficially under way with newt gingrich starting to explore his chances to grab the republican nomination next year. joining us with more on that and the rest of the days'
7:37 am
political headlines is kyle trig from roll call. and you coauthored an article from yesterday. can you talk about the details of your piece. >> a colleague of mine went to the capitol and thought we would ask around where newt gingrich used to run the show in the mid-90s and we asked around and a lot of people were sort of unsure whether he has a chance to actually win. a lot of people like his ideas, he's been doing a lot in health care and education and debt reduction, things like that, since he's left congress. but they're not sure he can actually win. so that's probably a concern for him. he does have some support down in georgia where he's from, from the republican delegation there. but still there is sort of an overall concern about whether -- how viable he really is. >> name recognition, does it help him or hurt him? >> i think it definitely helps in a presidential race when you
7:38 am
start with a certain name identification. that's a head start really ahead of some other people who don't certainly have that. >> let's talk about who else might throw their hats in the ring. of course sarah palin is a name that comes to mind first and foremost. have you seen any committees form or her committee form to explore her chances? >> well i think a lot of republicans in washington don't believe she'll actually run but i think she can be a force in the primary until she says she's not running and i think the question will remain until she comes out and says it. but right now i lot of people aren't sure she will do it. >> and we've heard other names. any other names you've heard? and it's not that early at this point? >> no, it's not. and the first debate is coming up in early may. and we have about two months for people to start getting in. when newt gingrich, who is down in atlanta today, he's expected to announce that he's seriously considering a run for president, that he's exploring it. but we're also looking at mitt
7:39 am
romney, the former massachusetts governor who ran in 2008. tim pawlenty, former minnesota governor. and then haley barber, the governor of mississippi. and rick santorum. and those are the five major candidates expected to run. >> a lot has been made of the tea party and the movement. do you expect them to put up a strong contender and how powerful is this group in 2012? >> i'm not sure they'll put up their own candidate. but it is a forceful movement in politics and it's a very important group for republicans to win. not only in the presidential race but also in the house and senate races. republicans are really going to be trying to win back the senate next year. they came sort of close last year. but they still have some work to do. >> as far as the government shutdown goes, wildly switching gears for just a second, do you expect to face the same
7:40 am
problems two weeks from now? we've gotten a temporary reprieve with the furloughs. >> i think two weeks is not a long time for the two parties to come together. the senate is run by democrats and the house by republicans and they're very far apart in terms of their budget and where they stand on how much they want to cut in terms of spending going forward. >> seeing a picture of the president and vice president there and the vice president has now been put in charge of leading the democrats charge on the budget now. he's someone who is very familiar with the goings on in congress. do you think that will make a difference as far as compromise and talks go? >> i think so. i think joe biden can do that because of his experience there. but any time the white house steps in, i think sometimes that can help things and move things along. so it makes the president's priorities very clear. and it brings everyone to the table. >> we'll see. time will tell on that. kyle trigstad, thank you.
7:41 am
the salahis are back and how they plan on extending their 15 minutes of fame and help ago diction at the same time. if we can just figure out what it is. that's coming up after the break. 
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7:43 now. let's crack open the buzz bin. haven't heard about the salahis in a while, get ready for the buzz bin. new faces joining the cast of celebrity rehab. the salahis will be looking to dr. drew for feeling in season five. now here is the catch. we don't know what they will be seeking the healing for. we don't know what their addiction is at this point. >> yes we do. >> we do know joining them on the cast, michael lohan, the father of lindsey. he'll be on the show for anger management issues. the 56-year-old father of five, including the lindsey and the other four will be in treatment for some 21 days. my question, number two, for the salahis -- first question is what the addiction. second question is do they both have it at the same time? >> yeah.
7:45 am
i think perhaps they'll be honest. it's an addiction to fame or wanting to be famous. >> but if you've seen that show, these are people crawling on the ground with withdrawals. and the anger management, is that the place for him to be. go get yourself together. go ahead, tony. >> no, i'm with you. and here is what is weird. and we're at a time for a show called celebrity rehab and where people have real problems and where they announce here is the new cast. like as a great new sitcom. and people put it on their resume. i was on celebrity rehab. >> yeah, at the cast party. >> get some help. >> it's a strange time we're in. right now it is cold outside. >> it is. >> take a look at the temperatures being reported at the area airports. 27 degrees degrees -- degrees at reagan national. 25 at dulles, 25 at bwi.
7:46 am
and here is a look at the surface map. today we have the colder air in here from the north and west so we won't get out of the 40s today. i'm afraid to say some of you won't get out of the 30s. tomorrow though 50s. and just to the south, some 60s and southerly breezes and try to get 60s in here for the weekend. at least for saturday. here is your five-day forecast. today high of only 41 degrees but plenty of sunshine. tomorrow a few more clouds, 51. saturday, yes, 60 and you'll like that. but cloudy with a few showers here and there during the day and especially at night. sunday, periods of rain, 56 degrees. we dry out for monday, 52 for the high. there you go. that's the latest on the weather. >> it looks good. all things consider. thanks, tony. let's check in with julie wright and see if traffic looks just as good. >> unfortunately not. we've had a lot going on this morning in maryland and the hits keep on coming. crash reported on the westbound side of 50. now we have this live picture.
7:47 am
so if you are coming westbound on 50, that's coming in from annapolis in the discretion of bowie. this is the accident involving the over turned vehicle. now there has been a change. some traffic is able to squeeze by to the left as you work inbound on 50 but it will be a big backup as you work in from route 2 headed westbound on 50 in the direction of bowie. we are told the ramp is still blocked so you are denied access to go northbound on 97. that is not happening at the moment. but inbound on 50, there has been a change and some traffic able to squeeze by single file to the left past the exit for 97 and continuing toward 301. back inside and we'll show what you else is happening on the roads. we have delays northbound along 95. a good 17-mile backup traveling out of dale city from newington and springfield headed toward glebe road before the pace improves, only to slow again continuing northbound from the pentagon toward the 14th street bridge. so again it's below speed here as you travel northbound on 95
7:48 am
and 495. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our facebook fan of the day is deborah peterson brown. she said she's been trying to be the fan of the day since we started this whole whacky thing months ago. well it's your lucky day. but we are the lucky ones. thank you for watching the show. to be tomorrow's fan of the day find us on facebook by so muching fox 5 morning news. no space between fox and the number 5. then post a comment under the lovely deborah's photo. >> deborah wrote back to say thank you for putting her on there today. you don't have to do that. we're just appreciative you're out there. 7:48. and we're used to power struggles in the nation's capital. >> but we're talking about a different kind of power. >> reporter: that's right. we're talking about powering the people. there is a energy conference today at -- the newseum. and we're hear to tell you what it will mean for you all live
7:49 am
next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit
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7:52 am
a variety of new technologies for home energy management will be discussed today at newseum. >> holly is there this morning to learn about the interesting innovations. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and this is something that really effects all of us. energy, we need it and we use it. we have to pay for it. and it's something that is constantly being talked about these days. and you're right, it will be the top story here today. keith voight is with me from the edison institute. good morning. >> good morning. >> this is a big deal today. >> it is. it's a big deal for the electric companies and the country. >> reporter: why is that? >> we want to show we are working with high-tech companies to make electricity
7:53 am
more reliable and affordable. >> reporter: and is this something we'll see soon. >> it's already happening and that's part of today. >> reporter: and that's part of the deal, getting the word out so the public knows and the options are out there. well this is an invitation-only presentation and we got an invite. and so let's go down the line. tell me who you are and where you're from. >> sandra long cry from oklahoma gas and electric company and we're here to talk about our partnership with silver spring networks and this is providing a smart grid platform that allows our company and customers to be for energy efficient. we've in the middle of a study with 6,000 customers to try more technology to help them lower their bills and energy use. >> reporter: and there is talk about smarter grids. those are happening and we're starting to get there? >> we're definitely there and our customers are showing us they're willing to make changes in their behavior to better control the bills and understand the energy use and cost. >> reporter: thank you so much.
7:54 am
and let's head on down the line. tell me your name. >> i'm mark karen with the technology group from chicago, illinois. >> reporter: and what are you discussing today? >> the technology to enable customers to become more informed. we have partnerships with tadd, with echoby and google and to allow customers for aware of energy opportunities and to automate some of the savings opportunities as well. >> reporter: can you give me an example? >> sure. we have a partnership with echoby has a thermostat that allows customers to -- from here i can change my home temperature. my wife might not like that. but that is a possibility. and it allows us to do that -- do that as well for them. >> reporter: and tell me your name. >> leslie sigh bert from southern company.
7:55 am
>> reporter: and what are you displaying today. >> we've been a technology company and we've cashed out under the smart energy place for smart grid and choices. all of the investments we make in our grid and company are to the value of our customers. >> reporter: and are your customers seeing the difference already? >> i think they are. we had our best reliability results last year that we ever had in the company. >> reporter: thanks so much. and i hope you have good discussions today. tell me your name. >> steve edison from new york. >> reporter: and tell me what you have going on? >> we are working on automating our distribution system, 90,000 miles of underground and i can hit a button and show you, if we have an outage of an underground wire which would take a longer distance out, we're adding remote control switches underground so we can, from a control center remotely control it and restore part of the line feeding it from other directions. and it's really great. we're also going to be able to
7:56 am
connect from the control center to high-rise buildings, commercial buildings. be able to control their building management system, maybe electric vehicles as well, network protectors and a lot of devices underground. >> reporter: that's a big word people have been using in this area. and before we go. here is a name you recognize. pepco. good morning. so tell me your name. >> rob stewart. >> reporter: what is pepco doing here today? >> well we provided the charges for the electric vehicles driving around here and working with our partner silver spring networks and clipper creek to integrate the chargers into the smart cards in the network and doing a demonstration of that this summer. >> reporter: and i know pepco has been under fire. it has been a tough few months. but the smarter grid is something you are working toward and is happening. >> absolutely. we're deploying ami meters in maryland and we'll begin doing it in the district of columbia soon. and we should roll out the
7:57 am
benefits of the network here in the next couple of years. >> reporter: i've just concluded that this conference is about hope. there is a better, brighter future in terms of energy. we'll continue to smore what people -- explore what people are bringing to the newseum in the next hour. >> holly, thank you very much. and the university of maryland sorority sisters due in court today on hazing charges. and astronauts aboard the shuttle discovery are docked at the international space station. we'll go up into space to talk with them live. that's coming up in the next hour. exciting stuff. three minutes now before 8:00. stay with us. 
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
the nfl and the players union no longer have months or weeks or days even to reach a new collective bargaining agreement. we are now down to just 16 hours. if a deal is not reached by midnight tonight, pro- football's work stoppage since 1987 is almost a center and the 2011 season could be in
8:01 am
jeopardy. we're live with new details from the nation's capitol. and the students at the university of the district of columbia is gearing up to protest the udc lavish lifestyle. and the top 12 ladies performed for the first time live. find out who our idol chatter panel thinks who will stay and go. and we narrow the playing field. good morning, i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and it will be a blood bath. it will be down to ten contestants and two wild card picks. so a big elimination. did i already say i'm allison seymour. first a sign of spring in the district, today cherry blossom organizes will announce the peak blooming dates. the announcement set for this morning. they will also give a preview of plans for this year's festival. and that includes a little bit of a cost for things we hadn't paid for. >> for the street fair. you'll have to pay money this
8:02 am
year. >> but the good news is the blossoms right around the corner. >> they are still free. >> good morning, tony perkins. >> it's a sign of spring coming. good morning to you and good morning, everybody. if only the temperatures felt like spring was coming. they do not. let's look at the teams across the region. we are primarily in the 20s. 27 degrees in washington. yikes. 25 in dulles, 25 at baltimore. hagerstown and frederick are both at 19 degrees. patuxent naval air station 31 degrees. satellite radar for the region, we have mostly clear skies. we've been showing you some live shots this morning and it's mostly sunny out there. bright sunshine. for the day today we'll see more of the same, another sunny day on tap. however, that sun won't warm us up a whole lot. here is the forecast for today. we're expecting a high only in the upper 30s to 41 degrees perhaps downtown. upper 30s to 41. winds out of the north at 5-10 miles per hour. that's a look at that. we'll have the five-day forecast coming up in just a
8:03 am
little bit. stick with us for that. >> looking forward to it, tony, thank you. let's check with julie wright and get a look at traffic. >> steve, we have gotten more information about this crash that occurred on the westbound side of route 50 at i-97. we were told it was one vehicle that was overturn and now we're told two vehicles that were overturned. and if we have that camera. you're traveling westbound 50, the ramp to go northbound on 97, the ram leading up toward baltimore. well that ramp is closed because of the accident act tift. and again two overturned vehicles involved. big delays from route 2 at this point. jam packed with a lot of folks. westbound on 50, if you are trying to head in toward bowie, you can get by the scene under police direction using the left lane only but it's the ramp that remains closed to go northbound on 97 as they continue to clean up the wreck. and tow trucks are on the scene but only one lane able to get by at the scene. back inside and updating
8:04 am
your ride elsewhere. northbound 95 still struggling. delays from potomac mills up to glebe road. i added it up, had to use my fingers and toes, 17-mile backup toward glebe road. and then more slow traffic from the pentagon and across the 14th street bridge. inner loop of the beltway, much improved now leaving the georgetown pike toward 270, earlier wreck gone. the inner loop does slow toward 66. no incidents to report traveling northbound on 395 at duke street. earlier problem that we mentioned had cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> julie, thank you so much. well the 11th hour has arrived. the nfl collective bargaining agreement expires at midnight and that means players could be locked out tomorrow. sarah simmons is live in northwest where they will hold a tenth consecutive day of negotiations today. and sarah, the first question that comes to mind is please tell me they are close. where are they now in these talks? >> reporter: well i think a lot of people are hoping they would be close. it's unclear right now. they haven't been able to say
8:05 am
too much. either the players side or the owners side. the federal mediator has put them under a gag order. they are basically told not to talk about what is going on during the negotiations, trying to keep it as even keel as possible. but it's been ten consecutive days, as you had said. and now we're looming over the deadline. it's happening at midnight tonight. they met for four hours yesterday and then retreated to chantilly. there are ten owners on the owners label committee, including dallas cowboys owner jerry jones. so they are expected to be back at it again sometime this morning. they're expected here in the next couple of hours down here in downtown d.c. so we're going to have to wait and see. it is very close, as you mentioned, for this deadline, allison. >> do you know, i don't think it's any secret, i like football, i watch football occasionally, i am -- i am by no means an officianado, but it's hard to imagine, you're
8:06 am
saying and everybody is, there might not be football next season, like on tv, there will be no nfl games. it's hard to imagine that. >> reporter: it is hard to imagine that. and i think that's why a lot of people think, there is a lot of money at stake here. they find it hard to believe that it would really come down to that. so that's why we're kind of looking at the fact that even though this is a midnight deadline. there are other options. they could decide to extend the deadline and continue negotiating, which i'm sure a lot of people hope they would do. but there are sticking points they have to get through. the nfl has $9 billion in revenue. i know we have some points to look at. the team owners are looking at an additional cut of it b. it was $1 billion and now looking at $2 billion cut right off the top from the revenue. they want to up the games, regular season games from 16 to 18 games. and they also want to cap the
8:07 am
rookie wage scale. they would like them to be -- the nfl commissioner roger goodell would like to see them prove themselves on the field before they pay outrageous salaries to them and as well as retirement benefits for the retired players. they would like to see more on their side a little bit more in the benefits. so there is a lot at stake here. a lot of people would like to see an agreement before deadline tonight but it's unclear right now if that's going to happen, allison. >> that's midnight tonight. thank you for clearing that up. sarah simmons live from northwest d.c. and also hundreds of nurses will be on strike tomorrow at d.c.'s regional largest hospital. 1600 nurses at the washington hospital center plan to walk off the job for 24 hours in contract disputes over wages, benefits, staffing and patient safety. the hospital has been securing placements and said every unit will be fully staffed. solt -- so the strike is called from 7:00 a.m. on friday to 7:00 a.m. on saturday.
8:08 am
striking nurses will not be allowed back to work for five days and they will not be paid. some students at the university of the district of columbia are planning to take action after a fox 5 investigation about the school president spending. monday we showed you the results of our month-long probe into sessoms travel. he also has a $60,000 lincoln navigator and a driver paid for as part of his contract. sessoms said he's required to travel to help remain accreditation. and he needs to fly first class because of leg problems. so far he's refused to talk with us here at fox 5. as you can imagine, many students are furious and writing complaints on the university facebook page and blogging about the issue and talking about it in classes, like conflict resolution and constitutional law. there is also a rally planned for tomorrow. early they are morning we spoke with one member of the senior class. >> it was shocking, because it was just talk amongst the students. some of us found out about the
8:09 am
spending and we were shocked. we were like, $7,000 for a plane ticket? that's my tuition. so if we're going to eliminate programs and cut the community college, but we have $7,000 for a ticket to egypt, that's disheartening. >> that's melody marsh and she and her friends have started their own facebook page called save ucd. and six charges with assault after hazing after a sorority initiation. sorority was suspended in november. the 7th girl is due in court march 17th. no word why her court date is different than the others. the time now is 9 minutes past the hour. >> coming up next, we'll check out other stories making headlines and that includes more on a supreme court decision that is making a lot of people upset this morning. and then heading into space this morning to talk to the
8:10 am
astronauts aboard the shuttle discovery. they are docked at the international space station and they are taking time out for us. we'll talk with them live when we come back. you don't want to miss it. stay with us. d
8:11 am
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we are following some breaking fuse right now from southeast d.c. several apartment buildings in the 2600 block of douglas road had been evacuated. we understand a trash truck struck a high-pressure gas line in the area so they had to shut the gas off to the region. we do have a crew on the way there and we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them this morning. 8:13 now. let's look at other stories making headlines. a gunman suspected in killing two u.s. airmen has confessed to targeting the u.s. military. german securities said the 21- year-old worked alone when he opened fire. the airmen were on a bus when the shooting happened. it is being investigated as a
8:14 am
possible act of islamic terrorism. the army has filed 22 new charges against the soldier accused of passing classified information to wiki leaks. under military law the charges could be punishable by death but army prosecutors say they will nod seek the death penalty but will ask for life in prison and a dishonorable discharge. protest by at kansas church outside of military funerals may be protected by the first amendment. the court in an 8-1 vote sided with the westboro baptist church and agreed with a lower court that tossed out a suit of a fallen soldier from maryland. and let's look at the forecast and something extra from mr. perkins. >> we need it today. a cold start to the day. we need something to warm our hearts. so it's the my first 5 photo of
8:15 am
the day. i love this name. >> hey, beautiful. >> this is lyric. >> that is a beautiful name. >> she is headed off to school in the picture. >> what does she have in her hand? it looks like money. >> keys. >> oh, she's going to drive. oh, she's driving to school. that's why she has the sunglasses on. >> ready to go. >> she's cute. her cash and her coat. >> thank you for sending it in. to send us your child's picture go to and click on mornings. here is a look at the temperatures. good news, we've gone up a little bit. right now in washington it's 29 degrees. how about that. 29 in quantico. gaithersburg at a cold 23. annapolis 28. winchester 25. salisbury is at 28 degrees. fact or in the wind -- factor in the winds, blowing around. they are out of the north, northwest. 19 degrees is what it feels like.
8:16 am
that's the windchill. it feels like 19 degrees right now in washington. feels like 19 in quantico. 18 in baltimore and 21 in culpeper. here is your five-day forecast. look for a high today of only about 41 degrees but sunny. tomorrow more sunshine and 51. saturday clouds and some rain showers, 60. sunday rain and 56. monday 52 and that's about where we should be for this time of year. that's a look at the weather. steve, back to you. >> tony, thank you very much. very excited to talk with our guest. astronauts aboard the shuttle discovery at the international space station until sunday but they are taking a few moments out to talk to us and we have everybody on board in the international space station. good morning to all of you. i know you don't get a lot of down time and i'm curious if you get to soak things all in on the final day of the mission
8:17 am
for the shuttle? >> well, yes today -- (technical difficulties.) >> we're going to try to get that connection with space worked out. and we'll see if we can talk with them better. they are 240 miles straight up and that's a ways away. >> the picture was impressive. >> it looked great. and we'll see if we can talk with you once again. if the astronauts are on board with us. we'll ask you once again if you have a chance to get down time and enjoy the view from space this morning. >> i don't know how much of that you got, but essentially today we're at the point where we've completed our major robotics activities and our two space walks so we'll be working some more transfer and getting some time off, hopefully spend some of that looking out the nice panoramic window in the coppola module. >> and i want to ask alvin drew, from the d.c. area, if he has anything that he wants to
8:18 am
pass along to the good folks of ft. washington, maryland or anybody here in the washington area? >> we've had a couple of passes up the east coast and it looks awful frosty down there this time of year. hope you guys are bundled up. >> we are. 27 degrees on the ground right now. question for you guys, a little random question, but because we throw these things out to our meteorologists all of the time, i wanted to throw a question to you guys. how do you tell time when you are in space? do you sync up with cape canaveral time to coordinate things like this? >> to be honest with you, when i'm up here, i have no idea what time of day it is. i have this fancy watch to keep track of the time zones. one starts when we take off from the pad and it's called
8:19 am
mission lapse time and it says at 3:00 do this and i do that. and another one which is zulu time which is the time in greenwich, england and the space station lives on that. and then i have a third face one that tells me what time it is back in houston, texas, so i know when people are up and down so i don't give them phone calls at 2:00 a.m. when they're not happy to hear from me, even from the space station. >> and just a question to any of you because you've done such a great service for our country and explore what is happening out there, this being the last shuttle mission, is it a bittersweet moment? >> well, we have the last -- we have the honor of actually flying the last mission of the good ship discovery. there is one and possibly two more shuttle missions after us. but of course we're seeing a program come to a close here
8:20 am
and to see the shuttles, these beautiful flying machines and their service life is a little bit sad for us to see. it is about time. they've lived a very long time. they've had a fabulous success record. they've built this magnificent station and given us science and tremendous amount of experience of how to operate in space. and more than anything, we look forward to seeing them retire with dignity and bringing on the next line of space ships. >> well we say congratulations for treating discovery well and letting us talk with you. and for the remaining couple of missions and all of the good folks at fassa, we wish you the best and thank you so much for your time this morning. that's the crew of discovery on the final mission joining us from space this morning. it's 8:20 on this thursday morning. we are continuing here on earth and in the d.c. area to monitor metro. up next the latest on elevator and escalator outages and the update on the rider's smart trip card problems that we profiled yesterday. and then with gas prices so high, hybrid vehicles are
8:21 am
gaining popularity. and today advantage technologies for home energy management are on display at the newseum. we are live with a preview live later here on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing.
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8:24 am
fox 5 continuing to monitor metro. let's update the escalator and elevator outages. this morning 88 of the systems 588 escalators are out of service for repairs. 6 of metros 237 elevators are not running this morning. we want to update the metro story we brought you yesterday about a local college student's struggle with her smart trip card. the day after macy wilder added $50 to her card and the money never showed up in her account. we called metro for her and she tells us the money is now on her card and it shows up yesterday. to help us monitor metro if you see something on a train, bus or station that you think needs attention, snap a photo and take some video or e-mail us the details. the address is metro plans to set up a new committee on public safety to work with metro police. >> at a meeting last night metro riders had a chance to
8:25 am
grill the agency on a number of answers. questions were directed to the chairman of the board during a monthly meeting. now everything from ongoing broken escalators and elevators to violent attacks were discussed. riders were concerned about an attack on a seemingly helpless customer by a group of riders. >> it's not that we have lost completely our focus, but when you're managing an older system you can be easily misdirected. >> it bothers me. i hope they can find solutions to that sort of stuff. >> riders also discussed budget issues that has metro considering cuts in service on weekend nights. and up next we'll check out other stories making headlines. >> that includes more on the 2012 presidential election. and we'll show you a new psa showing michelle obama and a
8:26 am
local 4th grader. and a second round of idol chatter today. welcome back. >> thank you. good to see you. >> we'll have them with us next. [ asst mgr ] what are you doing? fixing the name. it's fiber none.
8:27 am
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# 28:00 as we check stories making headlines. this morning newt gingrich holding a news conference where he is expecting to begin raising money where a test for the republican presidential nomination is feasible. he and his wife need to set up details before setting up a exploratory committee. and the president is meeting with felipe calderon today. the mexican president is expected to press the u.s. to crack down on america's drug consumption and illegal arms sales. tennis, putting a maryland youngster on the map. that right there in the pink is alexa orlando. and she is a 4th grader at
8:30 am
orchard grove elementary in frederick county. she appears in this public service announcement for let's move and with michelle obama and andre agassi and the best part is when she shushes the first lady. >> now it's easier than ever to play an hour a day, every day. >> shhh. >> good for her, being a local girl for that. >> and that is great. >> that is cool. might be a little cold for tennis this morning if you are playing outdoors because we have temperatures in the 20s. but hang in there. as we get into tomorrow, we'll be back in tennis weather. >> if you miss a forecast, you don't know how to dress apr -- dress around here. >> today we'll be lucky to get out of the 30s. but for the day winter is b aga so stay tuned. 29 at reagan national. check out the 20s out there.
8:31 am
26 in baltimore. 25 in frederick. winchester is 25. and fredericksberg is one of the warmer spots, although i would not call that warm, 32 for you. let's look at the surface map together. and high pressure off to the north and west and with winds out of the north, they picked up late in the afternoon yesterday and last night and with winds out of the north through the day today, that will reinforce the cold around here. so we'll be, as mentioned, lucky, even with bright sunshine. a beautiful day to get out of the upper 30s and low 40s. but hang in there, as we get into the nighttime hours, a warm front will lift through for tomorrow. so tomorrow's daytime highs closer to where they should be, about 50. and 60s not too far away. near 60 by saturday with a chance of some rain around here for the weekend. here is your forecast for today. a good one. mostly sunny skies and cold afternoon. 41 degrees your daytime high. that's a good 20-plus degrees colder than yesterday. winds out of the north at 5-10. and partly cloudy and chilly overnight. 30 degrees your overnight low here in washington and 20s again when you wake up outside
8:32 am
of the beltway. and your five-day forecast, partly sunny tomorrow and 51. that's a lot better. and then 60 on saturday. a lot of cloud this is weekend. i know saturday we have the showers in the forecast but most of the day -- much of the day on saturday should be dry. good chance for a soaking rain on saturday night and sunday. that's a look at the weather forecast. let's do some idol chatter with allison and the crew. it's a two-for this week because the boys went last night and -- or the night before and last night -- as jeanne said -- girl power. and jack diamond the morning man at mix 107.3. good morning, jack. jeanne jones is the kitty of the city, 93.9. and marcus johnson is a jazz great. let's say it, he's a jazz great with three keys music and we're glad to have you here. >> i'm glad to be here. >> as we started with the best that we have, let's start with the best idol had. i think we have to give it to
8:33 am
tia. last of the night. we talked about total package, jack, you have to say this girl has the total package. >> she has the total package, the final note, the payoff note is where she went funky. and it's tough to cover chrisy hine. but i like her very much. she is a front-runner. could she win american idol? why not. >> i don't know yet. it's early. beautiful girl and hits notes. but i see some other stage- stoppers here and when i'm managing or directing artists i notice that the judges were saying, you can keep still and artists will say why do i have to -- if you can captivate me standing still, that does it. of course you can work the stage but can you do that and i saw that last night. which looks promising. >> she did that too. marcus? >> we want to give tia a
8:34 am
contract. >> would you let her sing as well? >> uh-huh. oh, my goodness gracious. >> this is going to be a long session. don't get comfortable. >> i'll be here in the studio working. i want to bring your best out. but it was girl power last night. >> the girls were better than the guys. >> and better than they have been in a long time. >> and diversity. and we saw karen do the hero song in spanish and english. here is karen from last night. [ singing ] >> i thought it was smart to do the -- the biff lingual thing. but to me i didn't believe her. i want to cry at the end of
8:35 am
this thing. it was just nice. i wanted to -- have -- >> i think she's a nice and talented singer but she didn't bring me to tears and that's a powerful song. and you would expect to feel some emotion after -- she looks great. look at her. but she's also a little stiff and i thought -- >> but i think -- let me say this, mark, before you start, i think she was holding back. i think she was holding back and i think she has a lot to give and wanted to show america, i have this too. that's what i thought. and i did shed a tear last night. >> did you? >> number one, i think that this is the first night they are performing in front of all of these folks. so i will say, this is the big stage and it is very intimidating the first time you get out there. so the one thing you said, a little light and just nice. in my notes i have just nice. because i think she needs to push it. but one, i think she and pea
8:36 am
have that look. that beauty pageant look. but when she went up -- when she took the octave and did the modulation and i was like when she gets the training, she's going to be one of the contenders. >> there are people on this set that have dynamic personalities that will win over just because of that. >> you think so? and warren just turned 16 years old, and jack, you like the younger set. here is lauren. she won steven tyler's heart in the audition. [ music ] >> she's 16 so as a father i'm sure he liked it. >> i like her swagger as 16. i like her confidence. whether she's the next american idol or not, she has a career in country music and i think that is probably her influence. i liked her a lot and i do think that -- remember the voting block is a big part of american idol. and if she captures the younger vote she could go far.
8:37 am
i'm not going to say when, but she could win a lot of hearts and maybe a recording contract and a career. >> that's a blond kitty cat. that sells a lot of records. >> look at justin beiber. >> and justin is jumping around. he can sing as well. i think her range -- i think she has a career in country. i want to see her range. >> she's a big stage person. >> look at what country pop is doing. >> i need to hear her range. she's going up against all of these other folks, we have the other people we talked about. lauren, i think it was -- >> that girl has stage power that a lot of people -- you're not really caring a whole lot about every word she's singing. >> steven tyler is like when are we going to happy hour. we're going to itunes and some guys are going to down load.
8:38 am
>> between her and kendra, i would put them as the two most similar. >> i don't know if i would throw the group but i would like to good to the last contestant and maybe we could work out the tape with that. but here is my crack on tattanissia, she sang the rihanna song better than rihanna but that's not saying much. she's got like some of the package, but the vocals. and then why do steven and j lo like her? >> she was all over the road. her outfit and moves on stage were good. she's a performer. but vocally i thought she was the weakest of the night of all of them. >> i would like to see her perform. i need to see another song from her and then i'll know. >> she made it. >> absolutely. her stage presence is amazing and a lot of times, again, we're multimedia, what will
8:39 am
move and this girl right here are get a virgin mobile ring tone with a great look. >> she's not getting a heart from me. i think randy was right, that the rihanna version was a thousand times better. i disagree with you and i think that the last -- >> i'm saying her vocals, marcus. >> i don't mean to dis her like that >> she's not pea. >> you said it's not about a look. it is about a look. >> wrong song choice. >> wrong song choice. >> right outfit. >> nice stage presence. >> and it's a big cut tonight. five and five are gone. there is a wild card so 12. see you next week. back to you. >> marcus has been one heart to give on american idol. thursday morning. weekly jobless claims coming in after the break. and we'll share our job of
8:40 am
the day. and unless something changes the post office will be broke, out of money, by the end of this year. more on what is being done to save the postal service still ahead on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  [ female announcer ] you have all this chicken. chicken, chicken chicken. there are thousands of ways to prepare it. [ chickens clucking ] you know only two of them. time to mix it up. time for new philly cooking creme. it'll take your chicken to places it's never been before.
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8:43 am
it's 8:42. good news about the economy. number of people requesting unemployment benefits dropped to the lowest level in nearly three years. government said applications fell by 20,000 to an adjusted 368,000. it's the third decline in the last four weeks. applications are at the lowest level since late may of 2008. if you are looking for work, don't forget about our job shop. today's job of the day is at northwest credit union in herndon, virginia. for more information on this job and many other goes to and click on the job shop tab at the top of the home page. the post office could run out of money by the end of the fiscal year in october. the post master general told the house they do not have the money to pay out the billions of dollars it owes for medical costs and workers compensation. in recent years the agency has reduced the work force by 240,000 people and last year it cut costs by $3 billion. the agency is seeking to cut
8:44 am
costs by closing or consolidating offices and has proposed eliminating deliveries on saturdays. it is 8:43 right now. hope you're vehicle is not running on empty. >> it is. gas price averages shot up 5 cents in part of our area. more on that. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. maybe the answer is an electric car. it's one of the answers we're exploring today livality newseum as they gear up for powering the people, real energy answers and what they mean for all of us next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. 
8:45 am
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8:47 now. ift seems like every time you look the gas prices are going up again. many people predicting drivers will pay $5 a gallon by this summer. adrian subpeona with more now. >> our gas should not be this expensive so quickly. >> and two weeks ago it was $2.91. >> reporter: and now it's $3.41
8:48 am
and the price is climbing. >> one of these days it's going to be $5 a gallon. >> and according to a rasmussen poll, many believe it's likely $5 a gallon for gas will come before july 1st. >> it includes 21% who say it's likely to reach that level. but we'll talk about $5 a gallon gasoline is unheard of in this country. >> reporter: but with gas prices jumping every day, who do americans blame? the local gas station, big oil or the perm oil -- the turmoil in the middle east. >> i believe it's a ploy from the gas companies as they usually do when chaos happens. >> reporter: but chief analyst of the oil price inflation said the middle east is just one factor playing a role in driving prices up. >> it's that together with the notion that the rest of the world is starting to move into the middle class status where
8:49 am
they will use more fuel, whether it's gasoline or diesel. >> reporter: they protect the price at the pump this year will peak before the summer and drop to $3.10 and $3.50 before july. but as far as breaking the $5 barrier. >> if you wake up one morning and see the violence on the streets of saudi arabia, it throws all sorts of numbers in, $5, $6 a gallon, because prices go apoplectic. >> reporter: and even $4 will have a significant impact on our lives. >> i would say that $4 is a point which really dramatically changes people's behavior. we start to see people cut back. they may not so much on driving but spending elsewhere on the economy. >> this driver is already feeling the effect. >> i'm running on e and i'm afraid to go and see what the price is. >> reporter: others continue to pay up and drive. >> what are you going to do? >> reporter: adrian subpeona,
8:50 am
fox news. >> the average for a gallon of regular unleaded now up 3 cents in maryland, after 5 cents in and in virginia prices went up. we'll show you how you can use your smartphone to find the lowest prices in your neighborhood. $63 to fill up my tank yesterday and i went back an if hour later and the prices went up a dime. i kind of saved money. >> it's all relative. because ted it would have been more when i fill up. i'll text you and let you know. well a lot of people thinking about hybrid vehicles because of this. gaining popularity because of the high price in gas. >> today electric cars and advanced technology is on display at the newseum and holly morris is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they are calling this powering the people and this is all industries coming together to come up with real answers to our energy problems because it's not just any one area that can answer it. it will take a lot of people
8:51 am
collectively working today. keith void is responsible for bringing this conference today. and how did this come to be? >> we wanted to show the world that electric utilities are high-tech. and here we have displays showing the utility and the tech partners to make electricity more reliable and affordable. >> reporter: and we have people from all over that have come here. >> we do. >> reporter: and maybe this is like a big brainstorming session as well. >> that too. but it is happening now. this is not in the future. these are technologies that are going in the homes and also transportation around the u.s. >> reporter: well let's see what keith is talking about. we'll check in with people coming in from the conference. >> i'm steve from center point energy in houston. >> reporter: what are you talking about? >> center point energy is installing 2 million smart meters in houston that can be read and they automatically notify us when the power goes out. but best of all, they can save consumers energy and money, we have a pilot program in which
8:52 am
we're giving in home display energy monitors that allow them to see how much lects risity they are using as they use it. one consumer said she could save $360 this year. >> reporter: that's a considerable savings. thank you so much for that. and keith, as we move down to talk to someone else, is this more company-driven, driven by the utilities or the high-tech companies or the consumer? >> ultimately it is the consumer because we want to give them more reliable and affordable energy. >> reporter: and the next person. >> i'm edward care with southern california edison. >> reporter: and what are you putting on the table today? >> this is all about putting the customer in control. as we deploy smart appliances and smart technology on the grid and as the cars start to interact with the grid it's about how the customer will control the load and impact their bill. >> reporter: so it's a learning process for all of us. >> absolutely. >> reporter: my time is fleeting and i want to get everyone in. good morning to you. >> i'll carol dillon.
8:53 am
>> reporter: and where are you from? >> i'm from portland oregon with portland general electric company. >> reporter: and you are talking about? >> our commitm to the electric vehicle structure. we have a committed customer in oregon that supports sustainable energy and we're just really on board to make sure that things are in the right place when our customers want to plug in, that we have the right infrastructure in place. >> reporter: and do you find this is fueling discussion just a month -- just for the people here bringing their own topics to the table? >> absolutely. and in oregon we've been ahead of the curve. we have our quick charging station here, the first in the nation. so if you want to charge up your car in 30 minutes or less, this is the first one in the nation. and we have a manufacturer in oregon that is creating the stations. >> reporter: 30 minutes or less, that's impressive. and tell me your name. >> i'm vincent davis with duke energy. >> reporter: and tell me what duke energy is talking about. >> today we're talking about business. creating sustainability in the
8:54 am
urban core in charlotte. and this is an interactive display that shows energy connection in the urban core. and this shows the consumption and you can see it rotating and you can see the consumption as compared to our goal. that point it is great so we think this is something that is very passable and it allows our customers to make a pledge that says i'll take the stars today. >> reporter: and my time is already gone. tell me your name? >> trevor lauer, detroit michigan. we have smart home installation. >> reporter: and the first 2500 customers that purchase a smart vehicle get a smart station and that's a value of? >> $2,500. >> reporter: and you're giving what for the home? >> we have a series of different things but it will allow two-way communication
8:55 am
with our customers so we can enhance the way they use our product to understand how to use our product and get the pricing signal. >> reporter: and you find that customers are not resist apt to this -- resistant to this. they want it. >> they want to understand how to control the energy usage. >> reporter: is our website. we have a link to the newseum website. and you've heard talk about the electric cars. in our 9:00 hour we're heading to the street to take a look at the electric cars and the powering station. meanwhile the news continues here on fox 5 after the break. stay with us. you're watching fox 5 morning news. with fios, when you're watching the picture, it just jumps out at you. -it was like, "wow!" -bam! [ male announcer ] decisions don't get any easier than this. now you can move up to fios tv, internet and phone
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8:58 am
it is coming up at 9:00 on this thursday morning. that will do it for this hour. one more hour to go. tony is in place getting ready to take you there with allison. here is a look at stories we're working on for the next hour of fox 5 morning news.
8:59 am
a tennis superstar goes under the knife. serena williams is treated for a blood clot in her lungs. we're checking in with the fox medical team to talk about how common this issue is and the procedure used to treat it. plus gadget gurus are all atwitter over the new apple ipad. the second generation was announced yesterday and a washingtont was there. he joins us later to talk about the new devices and pros and maybe cons too. >> a lot of excitement about it. and talk about puppy power. a shelter euthanized this little guy but he wasn't having it. obviously he survived. we're going to tell you what is next for little wall-e, named after the disney movie. tucker barnes is downstairs in the weather center with a early look at the forecast. >> allison, that looks like a sweet story. let's get to cold temperatures. very cold out there. most of the area well


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